Not Just the Best Things to Do in Wimberley, TX…

We’re Your Hub to ALL of Texas Hill Country

Why Wimberley?

While Wimberley, TX, may seem small, it’s filled with a whole lot of character. Community members happily invite you to participate in events, shop owners greet you as you enter their stores, and our authentic southwestern style will undeniably charm you.

However, one of the best features of Wimberley is its ideal location for Texas Hill Country road trips. Rather than having to book a new accommodation in each city you visit, our Wimberley Texas Lodging provides you with an incredibly unique opportunity. Book once at Hotel Flora and Fauna, and gain access to every city you want to see at no more than an hour’s drive away. Save yourself the hassle; a road trip around the Hill Country is so much easier when you stay with us!

How to Make the Most of Your Stay

As locals to our lovely town, we know all the best things to do in Wimberley, TX, and the amazing central Texas area. So, we’ve designed a Hill Country Itinerary that provides even more information on not only what to do in our town, but throughout your travels to all the major cities in the surrounding area. If you want to to have the best vacation exploring every aspect of the Texas Hill Country, you have to use this itinerary!

Just a Few of Our Local Favorites

Downtown Wimberley, TX

Hotel Flora and Fauna is located just 5-minutes walking from the Historic Wimberley Square. Here, you’ll find plenty of attractions to spend your day in town:

Emily Ann Theatre: Hosts musical performances, shows, and rotating exhibits

Wimberley Glassworks: Attend a glass blowing class and admire gorgeous glass art

Bootiful Wimberley: A collection on handcrafted boots

Wimberley, Texas, Restaurants

From southwestern cuisine to upscale eateries, our town has authentic flavors that are sure to satisfy your taste buds! Eat like a true local at some of our favorite restaurants in Wimberley:

Milagro’s: Hill Country Tex Mex

Salt Lick: Family-style Texas BBQ

The Leaning Pear: Upscale eatery

Wimberley Cafe: A casual diner

Linda’s Fine Foods: Internationally inspired cuisine

Fantastic Breweries & Wineries

Experience creativity through wine and beer made in the area. The wineries offer a romantic, relaxing setting, while our breweries are often filled with locals having a laugh while enjoying a cold one. Visiting these places is also known to be one of the best things to do at night in Wimberley! No matter what you prefer, you can’t go wrong at these fan favorites:

Middleton Brewing


Wimberley Valley Winery

Fall Creek Vineyard

Wimberley, TX Upcoming Events

There’s nothing like attend the local events here in the heart of the Hill Country. The lively, bustling atmosphere under the warm Texas sun really brings about a sense of community. Join us to experience the spirit of connectedness our town radiates:

Wimberley, TX, Market Days: First Saturday of every month except Jan and Feb

Corral Theater: Outdoor movies

Wimberley Butterfly Festival: Release of 3,800 butterflies!

Wimberley, Texas, Nature

If you’re feeling stressed from the rapid pace of life in the city, Wimberley offers a great retreat in nature. Abandon your worries and dive into –literally and figuratively– these breathtaking swimming spots. Also, blow off some steam by hiking to the top of an iconic peak to find the best view in all of Wimberley, Texas.

Swimming at Jacob’s Well: The Eighth Wonder of Texas

Blue Hole Regional Park: Another excellent swimming destination!

Hiking Old Baldy in Wimberley: A hill with stunning views of the city

Let’s Take a Road Trip!

These destinations are an hour or less from Hotel Flora and Fauna. Our Hill Country Itinerary outlines each of their distances and even shows where they’re located on the map in relation to our accommodations! Take a look at these top Hill Country destinations, and get the itinerary to learn more!

Why Hotel Flora and Fauna?

Our Wimberley Texas Lodgings options at Hotel Flora and Fauna aim to capture our town’s friendly nature and unique style with just the right modern twist. We invite you to explore all the things to do in Wimberley, TX, but further push you to get out and see all of the Texas Hill Country. There’s no need to travel from destination to destination, having to unpack then repack, and then drive for hours to get to only a few of the places you wanted to explore. Take advantage of our prime location in the heart of the Hill Country to really get the best experience out of your travels. Check our availability now; we can’t wait to see you soon!