Everything You Need to Know About San Marcos, TX, River Tubing

Everything You Need to Know About San Marcos, TX, River Tubing

An unforgettable adventure is now within reach. On your next visit to the Texas Hill Country, don’t leave San Marcos, TX, river tubing off of your itinerary. Grab your friends and family and hit the water! Enjoy the scenery as you float down the shimmering surface of the San Marcos river. While you’re here, don’t forget to take a look at our Hill Country Itinerary. Full of the area’s best restaurants, attractions, and events, our guide will help you build the perfect getaway every time!

River Tubing in San Marcos, TX

San Marcos River Tubing Rentals

When it comes to tubing in the Texas Hill Country, your options are nearly boundless. The closes tubing spot to San Marco, however, is at the San Marco River. Tubing rentals are available at Lions Club Tube Rentals and shuttle service. Once you have your tube, they offer a kid-friendly float from San Marcos City Park to the Rio Vista Dam that takes about an hour and a half! Lions Club is open seven days a week with hours from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and until 8 p.m. on Thursdays.

Alternatively, a longer float is available with Texas State Tubes. This trip takes close to three hours and is a little bit less crowded! Alcohol is permitted on the river but not in the state parks. If you have your own tube, you can always create your own adventure. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a floating cooler for drinks!

What You’ll See

From San Marcos City Park, your tubing adventure will take you right past downtown San Marcos and through some of the most scenic parts of the Hill Country. The river is right next to all of the area’s top attractions, but it is also secluded enough to make you feel entirely removed from the city!

Other Texas Hill Country Tubing Options

If you’ve already made your way down the San Marcos River, there are plenty of other opportunities for adventure. The Comal River is an option that offers a similar experience to the San Marcos River but takes you through downtown New Braunfels! The Comal River is the shortest river in the entire country, making this a quick, leisurely trip that is great for families. Some other rivers in the area that are great for tubing include the Guadalupe River and Barton Creek. There are an incredible number of rentals available for Guadalupe but you’ll have to bring your own tube to cruise down Barton Creek!

Where to Stay in the Texas Hill Country

Hotel Flora and Fauna is the best option when it comes to lodging in the Texas Hill Country! Stay with us in our eclectic suites for almost immediate access to all of the most exciting things to in the area. Make sure you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime! We look forward to seeing you soon in Wimberley!