Guest Terms and Conditions

Our online availability and booking system provides real-time availability data, rate quotes, and industry-standard security for online transactions. From here, you can check room availability, get an exact quote for the cost of your stay, and, when ready, conveniently reserve your suite. If you are booking a one-night stay for Friday or Saturday, please give us a call and we will do everything possible to accommodate your request. One-night reservations are always welcome during weeknights and can be booked directly online. Please note, we charge in full at the time of booking. All nightly rates quoted are for two adults. Additional adults in a room beyond two are $25 per adult / per night. Pets are $50.00 per visit.

Kids, Pets, and Smoking Policies

Kids are welcome at the Hotel Flora and Fauna, but if you want them to be included in the breakfast vouchers, they will need to be marked as adults.

Pets up to 25 pounds are allowed in designated rooms at the Hotel Flora and Fauna.

Hotel Flora and Fauna is strictly a Non-Smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed in rooms, within the courtyard, or poolside. There is a designated smoking area in the parking lot.

Check-in and Check-out Times

Check-in time is 3 p.m. or any time after.
Check-out time is 11 a.m. or any time before.

Early Departures

Early departures, defined as concluding your stay before the reservation end date, are not eligible for refund or hotel credit.

Reservation Change Policy

We encourage you to book once you are certain of your stay dates. If for some unforeseen reason you need to change your reservation, we ask that you let us know at least 3 days before the commencement of your stay. As long as you keep the credit with us, we do not charge a cancellation fee. If you do decide to cancel, not stay with us at a future date, and require a credit your credit card, we do charge a $100 cancellation fee per room.

Property Representations

By agreeing to stay and securing a reservation, you acknowledge Hotel Flora and Fauna and/or any of its booking and reservation affiliates has accurately represented the property to be rented through pictures on our website or by pictures emailed/faxed to you.

Credit Card Authorization

To secure your reservation, you authorize Hotel Flora and Fauna, LLC, doing business as Hotel Flora and Fauna, to charge your credit card for all fees associated with your stay at the time of booking. You also acknowledge that additional charges are authorized for damages, for missing items, and/or for products and/or services not anticipated at the time of booking but which are provided during your stay.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations are time-sensitive. The outline below indicates our refund policy. Always be sure of the certainty of your stay prior to booking to avoid fees and forfeiture of funds.

  • With at least 15 days notice before your scheduled arrival, you may cancel and receive a full refund less a $100 fee per room reserved.
  • If you cancel your reservation 3 to 14 days before your scheduled arrival, you are eligible for a full Rental Credit to be used at Hotel Flora and Fauna for the amount of your reservation. Rental Credit redemption is subject to availability and property-specific policies. Rental Credits do not expire, and they are transferrable to friends and family.
  • When canceling 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival, your cancellation must be received by 3 PM Central Standard Time.
  • Cancellations made with 3 or fewer days before your scheduled arrival are not eligible for a refund or a rental credit and will be forfeited unless you choose to gift your reservation to a friend or family member.
  • To cancel, email us at cancellation@hotelfloraandfauna.com or call us at 512-842-9110 during our office hours of 9 AM to 9 PM Central Standard Time.

Why we have the policy

Unlike chain hotels with a large supply of units, we have a very limited supply. We guarantee our reservations fully and never overbook, so when you reserve with us, we take your room completely offline. This practice guarantees your reservation, yet it exposes us to vacancies and lost revenue. A policy that is time-sensitive allows us the opportunity to re-book when cancellations are received.

Guest Representations and Point of Contact

  • If the number of guests staying in the hotel room exceeds the number of guests specified in the original reservation, a per person fee for the number of guests in excess of the original reservation will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • The guest who initially made the reservation will be the sole point of contact with Hotel Flora and Fauna for all billing issues, problems, and/or issues concerning the property rented.
    Problem Resolution
  • In the event of a problem with the property or the amenities, you should contact Hotel Flora and Fauna and/or its affiliates immediately at 512-842-9110 to report the situation and nature of the problem. If the problem is corrected within a reasonable period of time, i.e. 24 hours, the guest is responsible for payment of the room in its entirety.
  • If a repair or reasonable solution to address a problem is not completed within 24 hours of the problem being reported, a rental credit may be applied in the form of a “Hotel Credit” which can be used by you within 365 days of the original reservation to offset the cost of a future stay. Hotel management exclusively determines credit eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Guest Acknowledgements and Responsibilities

  • You acknowledge Hotel Flora and Fauna and/or any of its booking and reservation affiliates have made no representations, either expressed or implied, as to the safety or inhabitability of the premises.
  • Guest(s) assumes all risk and expense for any loss, damage, and/or injury to self, members of the reservation party, and/or the property and its contents.
  • Guest(s) agrees to hold Hotel Flora and Fauna and its affiliates harmless for all injuries incurred while the guest(s) is on-premises, regardless of how such injuries are sustained.
  • Hotel Flora and Fauna is strictly a Non-Smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed in rooms, within the courtyard, or poolside. There is a designated smoking area in the parking lot. A $300 smoke cleaning and remediation fee will be charged to your credit card if smoking occurs inside the rooms or within the pool and courtyard area.
  • Guest(s) agrees to observe all City and County Burn Bans and acknowledges that violation of Burn Bans is subject to legal penalties and fines.
  • Guest(s) agrees to swim at own risk and acknowledges there is no lifeguard on duty.
  • Glass containers are not allowed outside of the hotel rooms and/or around the courtyard, spa, and pool areas.
  • Open display or discharge of firearms is prohibited and the guest(s) will be asked to leave the property immediately.

Keys and Lost Items

Articles left at the property will gladly be sent back to the guest(s) for a shipping and handling fee of $25. Note, for larger items additional charges may apply.

While there is no need to use a key since we provide you with a digital access code, guests who request a key and lose or misplace the key will be charged a $50.00 fee.