What You Can Do at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park

Dripping Springs Ranch Park is a stunning 110-acres of open spaces and multi-use facilities. Here, you’ll enjoy a complete afternoon exploring the grounds while basking in the Texas sun. And, if you read on, we’ll tell you how to further enjoy the onsite indoor facilities as well! However, there’s plenty more you can do here in Wimberley, Texas. Take a look at our Hill Country Itinerary for the best recommendations on everything to do on your trip from dining, to excursions in nature, wineries, breweries, events, and more. We have the exact trip you’re looking for right inside.

Everything About Dripping Springs Ranch Park

So Many Events!

Dripping Springs Ranch is one of the busiest venues around Wimberley! The facility is best known for hosting a variety of equine events like open-rides and barrel exhibitions. However, there are also plenty of other happenings you can attend including the annual Gala of the Royal Horses and the local rodeo! Make sure you check out their full calendar of events to plan your visit.

Endless Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

If you’re looking to spend time outdoors, Dripping Springs Ranch is a beautiful destination. Enjoy a hike in the lush, natural landscape and wooded areas of the property. Along the way, you’ll love listening to the soft sounds of local songbirds that inhabit the area. Once you’ve finished your walk, test your hand at a fun game or horseshoes, or, bring a soccer ball to play with out in the large, rolling field.

After Your Visit to the Dripping Springs Ranch

Once you finish exploring Dripping Springs Ranch, it doesn’t mean you have to call it a day. Along the 25-minute drive back to Hotel Flora and Fauna, you’ll pass by a few iconic swimming holes like Jacob’s Well and Cypress Creek Falls. Taking a dip in these crystal clear waters is one of the most fun ways to cool off from the warm, Texas heat.

Finally, you know you’re going to be hungry from your packed day of exploration! There are plenty of restaurants in Wimberley located right by the hotel that will satisfy any of your cravings. Whether you want a large pizza dripping with cheese, spicy Southwestern cuisine, or simply a hearty, homestyle meal, anything you desire is right within Wimberley. Eat out, celebrate another fantastic day of your vacation, then return to Hotel Flora and Fauna to rest up for what the next day brings.

Rest at Hotel Flora and Fauna

Drop your gear in your room from your afternoon at Dripping Springs Ranch Park, and make your way to the spacious, spa-like shower to wash away the day. Then, curl up in the fluffy, 400-thread count cotton sheets of your king-size bed. Cozy up under the covers and settle in for a free movie. Soon, you’ll sink further into your pillow, and you won’t be able to resist the urge to close your eyes and drift to sleep.

Reserve your room at Hotel Flora and Fauna, and get the much-needed rest you need over your thrilling vacation to the Texas Hill Country.